Rick Crozier started his love of fishing at the tender age of 2. It was just a small rock bass but Rick was hooked for life.
That was almost 60 years ago.

Rick’s professional angling career started in the early 70’s as a Charter Captain, Guide, Live bait wholesaler and retailer operator. He relocated to western Canada in the late 70’s.

His fishing opportunities expanded to the West Coast, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, the mountains and the prairies. An all round angler Rick is as confident using a mooching rod or heavy level wind Halibut rod as he is with a fly rod and ultra light spinning equipment.

During the 80’s Rick was Public Relations Manager for a retail tackle store in Edmonton, Alberta. Here he taught Fly Tying classes and “How To” seminars on sport fishing in Western Canada.

Rick was number one columnist and fishing editor of the Alberta Fishing and Hunting Magazine as well as a radio talk show and T.V. Host of Fishin’ The 90’s a CBC Fishing show sponsored by Travel Alberta.

From 2008 to 2015 he lived on Vancouver Island where the boat launch was minutes away and fished all he wanted. Putting on 5000 miles on a new boat testing the products before introducing it to the world.

Rick has been working on this invention for a long time. He would fish “old school” without the fish attractor and his wife Rachel, would use it. Then he would tease her all day about catching all the fish. When she first met Rick over 30 years ago, his idea of a perfect date was a day’s fishing. Nothing has changed.