Fly Fishers Finally Get the Edge

The Electron Fish Attractor was originally developed for the fly fisher

It can be incorporated into the body of the streamer fly where it gives off a faint electrical field around your fly. Fish recognize this as the electrical signature of bait in distress and are attracted to the hook.

As part of the research we have tested our product on Coho Salmon aggressively feeding among the kelp beds. The salmon responded to the Electron fly magically, greatly increasing our fish per hour ratio sometimes attacking the streamer in pairs. Sea Bass, Ling Cod and Cabezon were also attracted to the hook, coming off the bottom 60 to 100 feet to take the fly. We feel it’s just a matter of time before someone will catch a Halibut on the fly.

Fly Tying Tips

Imitates Soft Shell Crayfish that Bass, Trout, Steelhead and Pan fish search for
  1. Crayfish - Add a Fresh Water 1 or Fresh Water 2 to crayfish pattern for hot Bass and Trout action. Crayfish give off a very low EMF until they molt their exoskeleton then they emit a high

EMF until the shell hardens. Fish look for soft shell crayfish by searching for their EMF. 

  1. Add Attractor to mouse pattern for Brook and Brown Trout.
    Use a steady slow retrieve rather than a stop and go.

  2. Jigs - When tying hair and feather jigs use painted jig heads only. Slide Attractor on shank, isolate with a nice layer of thread. Tie wing on top of it.
    Important: DO NOT get head cement on Attractor.

  3. Never use barbell eyes, metal beads or metal heads or lead wire with Attractor. Always isolate Attractor from hook with a thick layer of thread.

  4. Fresh Water 1 Attractors can replace bead heads on patterns like Woolly Buggers, Leach, Bloodworm, Steelhead worm and Woolly worm.  Isolate from hook with thread.

Fresh Water 1 Attractors work best
in the following sizes

  • Streamer patterns 2 to 3 inches long

  • Mouse patterns on #4 and #2 streamer hooks

  • Worm patterns 3 to 6 inches long

  • Cray fish patterns 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches long

  • Nymph patterns 2 to 3 inches long, Dragon Fly, Black Stone, Hellgrammite and Golden Stone fly patterns

White Fish can be caught all summer on small hackle wing streamer flies. Try olive, brown, badger cree, blue dun, black, yellow, orange or red Hackle wing over pearl Mylar body with a white tail and throat. Use black thread.
Keep the head small to represent the pupil.
Put the Fresh Water 1 inside the Mylar body

For ice fishing tie the same pattern on a bare jig hook



Add the Electron
to your favorite
fly pattern

Slide the Electron
 onto the hook shaft
towards the eye

Tie in the tail and the back half of
the the body

Slide the Electron in place and finish the front half of the body locking it in place

Finish the fly the way you normally would.

Barbell eyes or cone heads can be added if they are coated in lacquer or made of stainless steel