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The Springs are showing up and I make sure to have a fish attractor on every set up.

Thanks for increasing my catch ratio.
I recommend this to everyone wanting to out fish the other guy.

Stephen Hardie,  Deep Spring Charters,
Prince Rupert, BC

Ray Kohlruss

Ray Kohlruss

I have been using the electron fish attractor for 12 months for my guiding business you can see the confidence as I became more familiar with its capabilities.

I mainly guide for pike, walleye and perch in northern Alberta.
I usually fish with the electron on a couple of rods and couple without; it is fun seeing which rod gets the most strikes, and the Electrons are winning.

Thank you
Ray Kohlruss, Reel Angling Adventures
Sturgeon County, AB

I have been using the Electron Fish Attractor all year and have noticed a big difference in the number of larger fish brought to the boat. I use them on my Cut Plug set up religiously.

The Coho are smashing my rig like a freight train.

Thank you Electron.

Stephen Hardie,  Deep Spring Charters,
Prince Rupert, BC

stephen hardie fish.jpg

Bob Gassman

Bob Gassman

Just wanted to give you a fishing report from Lake Michigan yesterday. As I said before, fishing has been very slow here lately and most of the boats are fishing 17 miles from shore in about 200-230 feet of water.
I don’t feel like burning all that fuel, so I fished yesterday about 5-7 miles out in 85-110 feet of water. I ran 3 rods on the port side with your Fresh Water #1 and 3 rods on the starboard with the new product you sent.
Lost a nice Steelhead on the new product and caught the attached King on the Fresh Water #1, so it looks like they both work in Lake Michigan. The charter boats fishing out 17 miles only ended up catching a few fish, so I was happy with what I got. Also, on the #1’s, I was able to attach them to the snap swivel on the lures, the new one is too long to attach there, so I threaded them on the line ahead of the snap swivel.

Bob Gassman, Vernon Hills, IL

If you like to spend the day on the water casting, this product is not for you. If you want to spend the day fighting fish, look no further! The Electron Fish Attractor will have you spending the day on the water without a chance to put your rod down!
It’s your choice if you release them, or kill them for dinner. This product will have you wondering how you ever sat holding a rod, waiting for the bite.
You just have to try it!

Jennifer Cote, Port Alberni, BC

Jennifer Cote

Jennifer Cote

Ron Koaches

Ron Koaches

I tried your new Electron Fish Attractor for the first time, while fishing the Big bank off Vancouver Island, off shore from Ucluelet. We set 2 lines, one with the attractor. The wind picked up and we were in 2 meter swells and it started to get lumpy out there, 5 minutes after setting our rigs, the line with the attractor caught a small Halibut 20 lbs. I reset and right away caught an 18 lb Chinook on the line with the attractor. We reset again and the wind picked up some more, and within 5 minutes another hit, we released a 15 lb Ling Cod. All 3 fish were caught on the line with the Life Spark Electron Fish Attractor on it. By now we were in 3 meter swells and the kicker could not hold us against the wind, and the big lumpy waves were bouncing our gear all over the place, so we decided to call it a day. For the first time using your product, I was very impressed on how quickly and consistently, we had strikes from various species of fish.
I can hardly wait to fish with your attractor again.

Ron Koaches, Edmonton, AB

George Innes

George Innes

Back in the last week of July 2012, Seann Hadden and I had the pleasure of fishing the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound with Rick Crozier.  Our goal was salmon but our timing was off. However after trying for salmon each day we would resort to jigging for rock fish. Rick suggested we try his Life Spark beads, so we used it on 2 of the 3 jigs.

Not only did the jigs with the bead out fish the other jig more than 3 to 1. The Sea Bass and Ling Cod caught on the beaded jigs were consistently larger than average. To ensure it was the bead and not the guy on the rod we regularly took turns using the jig without the bead. This did not change anything.

We did catch 1 Coho and hooked another that got away, both on a spoon equipped with the bead. I have to say the Life Spark beads will most certainly be a mainstay in my tackle box!

George Innes, Calgary, AB

Seann Hadden

Seann Hadden

Hi Rick and Rachel
Just a quick note to let you know what a great time I had fishing this year! With that new Electron Fish Attractor we had a hard time keeping the fish off our hooks not like the year before when we could not buy a bite.
That is an amazing thing you have there! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it work with my own eyes. We caught so many different varieties of fish, what a hoot! Will be looking forward to try out the fresh water Electron Fish Attractors.
Hopefully when people find out about this they will have a wonderful experience like we did.
A great invention! Looking to come out again and catch more kinds of fish.

Seann Hadden, Calgary, Alberta

Matt Stabler - Salt Water - Field Research

Earlier this year Rick asked me if I wanted to give his new invention – the Life Spark Beads – a try when I set out for a commercial salmon troll opening. As a marine biologist, sport fishing guide and commercial troller, I am well aware of the role electrical impulses, and even minute variations of that, can and do play regarding fishing success. This new invention of his tweaked my curiosity and I readily agreed to give them a try off the troller.

Matt 1cutout.jpg

 After we arrived on the grounds, I decided to put the beads on hoochies – known salmon Killers – and swim them in the best possible location: the first and second pieces of gear up from the bottom on my “Heavy” (first line the fish encounter). The gear barely hit the bottom, and Fish ON! Almost immediately followed by a second, and then a third! Sweet! Ran the line up for a boo – third piece from the bottom, a nice spring - second another, and on the bottom a good sized halibut. As we are not allowed to retain halibut, I quickly released it, and dropped the gear back to the waiting fish again… And again, very quickly I realized we had another “customer” or two!! This time there was a single spring, a ways up in the gear (fourth or fifth from the bottom) and two large halibut on the hoochies carrying the Life Spark Beads. Hmmmm…

Down yet again, and within minutes more action. And this time, a large halibut second from the floor, and a rather big ling on the gear below that. Shook them both, and decided to move the beaded hoochies up a few spots to try and keep the halibut and ling by catch down to a dull roar. Now in the fourth and fifth position from the bottom, down they went again…

This time it was just a tad longer before the line indicated success, and I wondered just what I’d see when it came up. To my surprise, two halibut had by-passed all the rest of the gear below, and swum right up to the beads to attack! Below them were a couple of good springs. Hmmmm…

This observation repeated itself several more times in the next hour, and I moved the beaded hoochies even higher. To my surprise, both lings and halibut were more than content to swim up even higher to engage those Life Spark Beads – they obviously WANTED Them!

As we are not looking to hook halibut nor lings when salmon fishing, I eventually had to take them off the gear!! Tried the experiment again a couple days later, with the exact same response!

 Back then Rick was just starting to experiment with beads designed to explicitly target salmon. My observations at the time suggested he didn’t have that quite right as of yet, but it certainly was Gangbusters for halibut and ling cod!! In my role as a charter guide, I always use these beads now when fishing for bottom fish on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. They continue to impress me with their most excellent catch rates, and I won’t be heading out for that fishery without them ever again!

 Since that time, Rick has made some great headway with orienting the beads towards catching springs! I’ve been away for a spell – busy offshore of course. But I am right looking forward to seeing what the latest version can do to increase the catch rates with springs and coho. If they work out as well as the ones did for the bottom fish, methinks he’ll have yet another Winner on his hands!!

Matt Stabler, Port Alberni BC
August 20, 2012

Matt Stabler is a retired Marine Biologist now living on Vancouver Island. He is both an active commercial troller and a sport fishing charter guide. He spends a very serious amount of time out on the Big Water in these pursuits and is always looking for another method to improve his catch rates while out there. With the Electron Fish Attractor coils, he found one!!