Electron Streamer Fly: Bad Manners

Origin: Rick Crozier 1992

Imitates Kokannee Salmon; a food source for Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden Char.

This pattern and the many Sky Stripe color options make it a good fly choice for Great Lakes Salmon and Steelhead,
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout, Char, Brown and Rainbow Trout, Pike, Musky, Bass, Gar Pike, Perch and Walleye.

Salt Water applications would include: Salmon, Trout, all Sea Bass, Barracuda, Tarpon, Cobia and Snook.

Tying Instructions

Thread: 3/0-6/0 nylon white

Hook: #6 to 4/0, 4 X long, stainless steel for salt water
Add Electron Fish Attractor to hook and place in vice.

Tail: 4 long white hackle feathers tied in streamer wing style with the feathers opposing each other, the length should be the length of the hook so the hook point is in the middle of the fly.

Body: White polypropylene wool.
Wrap half the body and secure in place, add knot.
Secure the Electron Attractor by wrapping the front half of the body.

Collar: 1 to 4 large white hackle feathers

Wing: under wing, 2 to 4 large white hackle feathers tied in keeping the opposing bend against its self. Wing should end around hook bend.

Over wing; white buck tail or a suitable synthetic tied in as a collar, for tandem streamers tie an under wing as a throat as long as the top wing.

Lateral Line: Two strands of Glow White Flashabou

Eyes: 3-D eyes secured to pie shaped pieces of acetate


Tying Tandem Streamer

Hook: #6 to 4/0, 4 X long, stainless steel for salt water.
Add Electron Fish Attractor to hook and place in vice.

Trailer; #6-#2/0 Octopus Type

Harness: Use single strand stainless steel wire .018 to .032 dia. Bend it around the shank of the trailer hook, measure the length and bend opposite end of the harness so it can be tied on the hook shank.

Sky Stripe: The purpose of the sky stripe is to match the color of the sky to the fly by adding a sparse stripe of color above the lateral line on both sides of the fly; this can be buck tail, flashabou, fish hair, crystal hair etc.

  • Blue sky: blue, silver stripe
  • Grey sky: grey, silver stripe
  • Pink sky:  pink stripe
  • Red sky:   red stripe
  • Low light: black, purple stripe

Rick Crozier