electron Needlefish Streamer Fly

Exciting new fly pattern is a fun way to fish the kelp beds
By Rick Crozier

Rachel Crozier holding Amanda Crape's Lingcod caught on the fly

Rachel Crozier holding Amanda Crape's Lingcod caught on the fly

The kelp beds are the hub of activity for most coastal fish species.  A common bait fish, the Pacific Sand Lance or Needlefish abandons its sandy refuge to mass around the kelp usually at slack tide. Whatever predatory fish that are in the area take advantage of this and start feeding.

Fishing Technique:

  • Casting: Use fast sinking WF fly line in 8 or 10 wt. with 6 feet of stiff 20 lb. mono tippet.Cast as close to the kelp as you dare, let sink, retrieve using 4-6 inch quick strips.

  • Drift Mooching: Use a 10 foot leader Ox with 6 feet of 10-20 lb. test mono tippet. Let out all your fly line and let sink, then either strip it in and repeat process or just drag it along using 6 inch rod twitches.


Tying Instructions

To match the vertical swimming action of Needlefish all the lead has to be at the rear or hook end of the fly.

Thread: 3/0-6/0 nylon white

Hook: 2/0-3/0 Octopus

Harness: Single strand stainless steel wire at least .038 diameter.
Cut about 10 inches of wire, wrap one end around hook shank exiting through the eye.
From the hook bend measure about 5-6.5 inches and bend the wire back to make a loop.

Lead: Wrap as much lead wire as you can on the hook shank staying within the diameter of the Mylar tubing you are about to use.
It is important to coat the tailor hook shaft with lead in head cement to avoid unnecessary EMF
Now slide on the Electron Fish Attractor appropriate for your targeted species
 ex: Salt Water 1 for Sea Bass or Cod or the Salt Water 2 for Chinook

Optional rig would be to forgo the lead wire and use clincher weights from 1/16 to 1/4 oz.

Place on the wire as close to the hook as possible.
The heavier weights are used for deep drifting or light spinning gear.
Add a bead between the lead and the Attractor and coat the lead in head cement.
DO NOT get head cement on the Attractor.

 Body: XXL or XL Mylar Tubing in silver or pearl color. 
Do not stretch it when tying it in.

 Eyes: Use 3D or epoxy eyes fastened to pie shaped pieces of acetate plastic.

Finishing: Color the top with a permanent marker in forest or blue/green.

Rick Crozier