Fresh Water 1 LTDS

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Fresh Water 1 tag (back)
FW1 1200x1200.jpg
Fresh Water 1 tag (back)

Fresh Water 1 LTDS


Pan Fish, Bass, Trout, Char, Salmon, Grayling and White Fish

For lures and fly's up to 2" long

The smallest Attractor replicating the faint electric field of a worm, insect larvae or small minnow. A must have for Pan fish and trout anglers worldwide
Use with bait or small lures or integrate into flies, isolate the attractor from touching the hook with thread. (See our Fly Corner page)

Use multiple in line for pure water conditions. High elevation lakes, rivers and streams can be so pure the water has no conductivity.
Works best in lower elevations.

6 Attractors with glass beads to isolate it from other metal
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Great reports from

Northern Ontario – Crappie, Perch, Trout
Southern Ontario
Lake Simcoe – White fish
Lake Nipissing – Perch, White fish
Central and Southern Saskatchewan
British Columbia: Fraser River – White Sturgeon
Washington: Columbia River – White Sturgeon
Most of the USA for Crappie, bluegill, perch, trout