Fresh Water 3 LTDS - Big Lure

FW3 1200x1200.jpg
FW3 1200x1200.jpg

Fresh Water 3 LTDS - Big Lure


For lures and spoons over 6”
Coastal Rivers Steelhead / Salmon,
Pike - Musky, Stripe Bass, Walleye

Low TDS water conditions, under 500 ppm TDS
- Medium to heavy rainfall areas and the high north
- Boreal forest, Northern Canadian Shield and parts of the United States
- Geographical areas listed below

5 Attractors with beads to isolate it from other metals

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Like all our customers we are discovering new and exciting facts about the Electron Fish Attractor all the time. The latest is the discovery of how fish respond to the ELECTRON FISH ATTRACTOR FRESH WATER 3 – BIG LURE, Pike and Musky LOW TDS in lower than average TDS conditions for all species of fish.

It seems that when the TDS is very low, around 200 to 250 PPM the higher electric field of the FW3 attracts all species of fish to your hook. I originally theorized that electro-reception would be less important in low TDS conditions, however the opposite seems to be the case.

This is huge news for folks that fish Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and Char in the clear cold rivers of both coasts. Those that have used it in this environment say fish can’t resist it, traveling for it with wild aggression then striking it hard. We have also heard from several anglers using the FW3 Low TDS for Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Pan Fish, Pike and Musky in very low TDS lakes everywhere.

It seems that most States and Provinces have these low TDS conditions even in areas of low rainfall, certainly higher elevations and the North Country worldwide.

Some waters will go from HIGH TDS in the spring to LOW TDS in the late summer, fall and early winter. This is due to heavy weed growth that filters most of the total dissolved solids from the water.Every fresh water angler everywhere should carry these attractors with them at all times,they’re magical in low to very low TDS conditions.

Geographical Areas

Use for Pike and Musky in Lake Superior, Northern Lake Michigan, Northern Lake Huron
and Georgian Bay, Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Main and New Hampshire

Anglers Tips

Works best on lures and spoons 6 to 12 inches long.
Replaces using 2 Fresh Water 2 for larger lures
For best results slide on homemade leaders, it’s well worth the effort
When using floating jerk baits, let it sit after hitting the water to give the fish time to find it.
Everyone that has used it was very impressed.

Anglers Comments

A must have when Pike fishing northern Canada and Alaska.

Pike - It doesn’t seem to matter what tackle you use for Pike the Fresh Water 3 Big Lure makes it a hit.
Works extremely well with Williams 6” Whitefish spoon.

Musky - Anywhere you find Musky in low TDS water conditions the Fresh Water Big Lure will bring them in and make them bite. Works best with large lures, spoons and spin baits over 6” long.