Fresh Water 8 LTDS

FW8 1200x1200.jpg
FW8 1200x1200.jpg

Fresh Water 8 LTDS


Musky, Pike, Lake Trout, Char

The latest addition to our line is also the strongest Attractor engineered for big fish and big lures in very pure water conditions.

Pike and Musky – Integrate into 60 or 90 lbs nylon coated stainless steel or Fluorocarbon leaders

Use 1 for most lakes and rivers in the spring
Use 2 in-line for summer
Use 3 in-line for fall

Add 1 to large flies for incredible fly fishing action (See Fly Corner)

Lake Trout – add 1, 2 or 3 Attractors in-line with lures or jigs.
The purer the water the more you use.
Arctic Char – Rivers and lakes, use 1 or 2 in-line with spoons, jigs or spinners.
For Estuary Char use the Fresh Water 4

5 Electron Attractors

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