Fresh Water 4 HTDS - Reservoir Stripe Bass

FW4 1200x1200.jpg
FW4 1200x1200.jpg

Fresh Water 4 HTDS - Reservoir Stripe Bass


Big rivers and Estuaries
Southern USA Reservoirs
South Western Lakes and Rivers

High natural salt conditions over 500 up to 5000 ppm TDS

Medium to light rainfall areas
Use in arid areas
Spring runoff

5 Attractors with beads to isolate it from other metals

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Anglers Comments

- Striped Bass are extremely EMF reactive and are not as EMF selective
- Use in all Western Lakes and Reservoirs with Striped Bass
- Use in Reservoirs everywhere in late summer and early fall where
  weed growth has lowered the TDS.


  • Slide 1 Attractor on line before tying on lure, spoon, spinner or fly
  • Do not apply scent or oil on the Attractors
  • Can be used with live or dead bait
  • Works on oxygen in the water so keep it moving
  • Starts working in 10 to 15 minutes