Phone Survey Results

I made 47 phone calls June 16th and 17th and spoke to 25 customers, the results are as follows; 6 had not used the Electron Fish Attractor (EFA) yet. Of the 19 customers that used our Fresh Water products all were satisfied that it did increase the days catch from somewhat to significant.

Walleye fishermen everywhere absolutely love it as do Musky and Pike fishermen anywhere it was used. Lake Trout anglers reported Lake Superior Lake Trout on both side of the boarder responded well to the EFA Fresh Water 1 as did Lakers in Northern Ontario and Lake Ontario. Perch and Crappie anglers in Michigan and Iowa both said it really made a difference.

A handful of skeptical buddies started using the EFA Fresh Water 2 for Sturgeon in the North Saskatchewan River near Edmonton. First used on 1 rod out of 2 or 4, now all of their rods use it. They use 1Fresh Water 2 in between 2 night crawler worms and catch Sturgeon, Walleye, Pike, Suckers, Quillback, Buffalo, Goldeye and Sauger.  Ontario Walleye hunters are reporting occasional catches of Sturgeon, Carp, Catfish and Suckers using a curly tail jig with an EFA, “No Bait”. The Bass anglers I talked to thought it must work, they out fished their buddies.

- Summary -
It’s no surprise to us that folks are enjoying catching more fish using the EFA.  What is surprising is the new species of fish that obviously respond to the EMF of the Fresh Water 2. Lake Sturgeon, Carp, Suckers and Channel Catfish all have been caught on the Fresh Water 2. This opens new opportunities for anglers that target these species and new markets for us. Good job guys!

When asked, Would they or have they shared the EFA with friends?  All hesitated, some said maybe someday, one person said yes, I recommended it to a friend in another town and most said No, their having too much fun!
Rick Crozier