Take The Electron Challenge - We dare you!

Folks everywhere are having a ball taking our challenge.
Won't you join them?

Janice Covin with a few Walleye for dinner

Janice Covin with a few Walleye for dinner

Use identical lures and identical line.
Put the Electron Fish Attractor on one.
Troll at the same distance and see what happens next.
The lure with the Electron takes all the fish - not most but all, every time.


Add your favorite scent to the lure without the Electron, nothing changes the Electron still takes all the fish.

Our Alberta friends are releasing over 50 Walleye and Pike a day at Pigeon Lake using the EFA. They challenged all the popular scents verses the Electron and not one fish was caught on a scent. The Electron took every fish, every time. The Electron caught a Walleye or Pike on average every 10 minutes all day.  When the Electron Fish Attractor was slid on the line of a scented lure it started catching fish every 10 minutes as well.

Retired Canadian angler B. Moon says with a daily limit of 8 Walleye he feels he can single handedly eliminate the invasive Walleye from the lower Columbia River of British Columbia.

A few weeks ago we received an e-mail from Brian Kedik, Director/Donation Coordinator of the Great Sacandaga Lake Fisheries Federation Inc. asking if we would be a sponsor for their raffle. We agreed and sent him some product.

When he received them he was skeptical that these little coils really worked. So last week he just had 1 hour to fish and thought he would take the Electron challenge. He caught a Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Bass on the Electron charged lure. The same lure without the Electron never caught a thing. He was so excited about the product he called us the next morning to tell us of the challenge. He told us he was going to let everyone know that it’s true, it’s all true these things really do work and to read our blog.

So join the gang and TAKE
You will be mighty surprised on how well they work! 
Oh and send us some pictures of your catch!

Have Fun