Huge Gerrard Rainbows on the Fly, Love, Love, Love!

I came across these photos and I just had to share this exciting fishing trip from years ago when working on the development of the Electron Fish Attractor. Boy we had FUN!

Location:   Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Time:         February 10th 2007

Species:    Gerrard Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden
Electron Fish Attractor:   Fresh Water 1
Electron Lill’ Kokanee Streamer Fly Pattern

Rick Crozier

Rick Crozier



  • 8wt fly rod with fast sinking line and a 20 ft. 6 lbs tippet
  • 1/0- 3” Polar bear streamer fly with FW1 prototype insulated on shank
  • 1 or 2 willow leaf gang trolls with 3” blades all silver, add 2 Fresh Water 1 Attractors to gang troll

Method / Technique

Troll hook-less willow leaf 30 feet behind boat, increase speed so it’s just spinning under the surface. It’s best if it breaks the surface now and then. Troll the streamer fly’s to the side and 10 feet behind the willow leaf. Pump the rod to dart the fly then point the rod to the fly to stop it. This stop dart action imitates a small wounded Kokanee trying to keep up with the school. The EMF created from the FW1 is sending out a signal of a wounded fish. The combination is lethal on the big Rainbows and Dollies.

Catch:  6 Rainbows 24” to 34” and 4 Dollies, 22” to 28”

Heinz Kubusch

Try this technique anywhere large Trout and Char feed on Kokanee Salmon. It is very unusual to catch dollies on the surface, they are mostly caught 100 feet deep using down-riggers. They sensed the EMF from the FW1 on the fly and came up to it.
This is heart stopping action that lasts all winter. The water is as clear as air, most times you can see the fish following the fly and the strike.


Tying Instructions:  Electron Lill’ Kokanee Streamer Fly

wrap trailer hook with wire then form a loop and tie into shank

  • Hook: #2 – 4/0 stainless steel streamer
  • Electron Fish Attractor: 1 Fresh Water 1

  • Wire: Single strand stainless steel
  • Trailer hook: - #2 – 2/0 octopus stainless steel


  • Tail: 2 long large dark blue dun trimmed to form tail, reverse web, Very visible part of fish

  • Hackle: White long tied in at center of shank. Trimmed on top.
  • Throat: White polar bear
  • Wing: White polar bear
  • Top wing: Silver synthetic for sunny days, pink for pink sky, red for sunset, black for twilight.
  • Eyes: large 3D epoxy on pie shape acetate

Electron Lill’ Kokanee Streamer Fly

Rick Crozier