Bad News for fish cops

Tackle Evolution, Arnold Romppai owner of Romppai's Outdoors has added the Electron Fish Attractor Fresh Water 1 and Fresh Water 2 to their high quality hand crafted line of tackle.

For the first time you can purchase lures with the Electron Fish Attractor built in. These will include Jigs, Lures and Spinner baits. Just look for the Electron Fish Attractor sticker.

Shown here is Romppai's Marabou Jig in 1/4 oz. / Extra Power, w/2/0 E. C Hook.

I am excited to see the rest of the line up and will post updates as I get them.

They are available exclusively at Romppai's Outdoor's in Thunder Bay, Ontario.



Finally! Proof of Magneto-reception in Fish. Cells containing Magnetite found in Rainbow Trout.

Scientists have accepted the theory that migratory species of birds, fish, turtles and mammals are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, but this is the first time the precise cell with Magneto-Sensitivity has been located.

A research team at Munich’s Ludwig Max Millions University studied cells from the Olfactory Gland of a Rainbow Trout under a microscope.

A magnet rotated under the microscope stage revealed several cells that were moving with the magnet. These cells were individually studied and found to contain Magnetite, the most magnetic substance on earth.

This is great proof for us and reinforces what we have been theorizing for decades. I can’t see this discovery just involving Rainbow Trout, one could speculate that all members of the trout, char and salmon families of fish could have Magnetite present in their olfactory tissue as well.

This could also hold true for other related species with an adipose fin like Catfish, Piranha, Golden Dorado, Pacu, Tiger fish, White Fish and Grayling. We know these fish are extremely Electroreceptive by of their response to the Electron Fish Attractor Fresh Water 1 low or high TDS.

This discovery in trout could explain how salmon find their way back to their maternal streams from thousands of miles away. To do this they must be able to sense north and south as well as longitude, kind of like a built in GPS.

I won’t be surprised if some day they find magnetite in all fish to some degree. I say this because of fish behaviour I noticed while observing bait fish (Great Lake Shiners) held captive in a stainless steel and glass tank awaiting sale at a bait wholesaler.

Thousands of fish were evenly dispersed in the tank but when a magnet was placed on the steel to hold an order form all the fish reacted instantly by balling up in the opposite end of the tank.  Was this reaction due to the magnetic force or the negative ions created by it, or both? Maybe someday we will find the answer.

Rick Crozier

New Year, New Products!

Happy 2015 everyone!  We hope the holidays treated you well. Rachel and I worked through the holidays organizing the year ahead. It was a big job and we have exciting plans for this year.

Last year most of our on-line customers were given samples of new products to try. Of all the calls I made it was great talking to most of you and I thank you for your feedback. I apologize to those that didn’t appreciate the questions I had but it’s how we develop new products. All we need are the facts. Your effort with our effort has led to 14 new Electron Fish Attractors for 2015.
We have so much confidence in our products that they all have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

What we have done is match the mV and mA to the TDS of the lake or river your fishing then fine-tuned it to attract fish by species.

The feedback received confirm the theories generated by our lab work!  By using our products then disclosing your fishing location, species targeted and successes we can build a database that proves that all fish are electroreceptive and that the text books are wrong! 
It’s not just sharks and rays that have this ability… but all fish.

Double the FUN!!!
Right after catching a trout Sonny Covin drops his hook back down the hole and caught another one immediately. 
Photo by Fred Noddin

It is always great hearing from our customers across Canada and the United States! It sounds like some of you are having the time of your lives catching Walleye, Perch, Whitefish and Trout. It’s no surprise to us but I have to admit it makes us chuckle and smile when we hear how well you guys are doing out there using our attractors.

Fan updates

Sonny Covin (pictured above) from the Edmonton area out fished his buddy Fred Noggin ice fishing for trout somewhere in the foothills. Sonny used 1 rod and Fred and his family used 8 rods. When the day had ended Sonny out fished the 8 rods dramatically, 16 fish total using the Fresh Water 1. Those of you that know these guys know they are pretty hard core and Fred is a hard guy to out fish.

A big welcome goes out to Ted Wong from Ontario for thanking us for the Fresh Water 1 HTDS he is using on Lake Simcoe. He’s targeting White fish and catching everything else as well.

Porter Bell from Northern Michigan told us he got to the point where he had to quit fishing because his buddies were ready to choke him (jokingly of course). He caught so many fish and they had caught none using the same gear.

West coast steelhead fishermen are having great success using the FW 1. Slide it on the line ahead of a pink, red, purple or black worm. My favourite is a green alligator, Colorado spinner or hot shot.

Tight Lines
Rick Crozier