Ice Fishing Tip for Landing Trout and White Fish

Having trouble landing Whitefish and Trout through the ice? Try using a landing board.
This is basically a paddle made of ¼ inch plywood that you sand smooth and varnish.
For an 8” hole the paddle should be 5” wide. As for the length well that depends on the thickness of the ice you're fishing on but I would recommend at least 24".  You can even drill a few finger holes at one end to make it easy to hold.

When a fish is coaxed into the hole, slide the paddle board into the hole and wedge it so the fish can’t escape. Then just lift the fish and paddle out of the hole keeping it wedged. Then you can use the board to partially cover the hole to prevent an accidental escape.
With a little practice it’s a great way to land floppy and slippery fish on the ice.

Have fun ice fishing
Rachel Crozier