Summery, New Recommendations


It’s very hard to establish guidelines to help our customers with our products when we were living on Vancouver Island. There the TDS is less than 50 PPM on average so we rely on customer feedback for the rest of the world. Sometimes this information is incorrect.

Florida for example, our first customer from that state told us that our Electron Fresh Water 1 and Fresh Water 2 did not work in that states ponds, lakes and rivers, so we encouraged our customers to order the high TDS attractors. Sadly that information was incorrect.  The low TDS Attractors work excellent in that states fresh water as well as all the Eastern States. So for over two years we have been giving out the wrong recommendations based on wrong feedback. We’re in the process of fixing that now.

When the right Attractor is matched with the right species of fish pure magic happens, fish after fish action. If this is not happening we need to know about it so we can figure it out with your help.

We recommend all New Customers to ORDER the SPLIT PACKS to avoid any disappointment, one or the other will always work great.

Our salt water series does not have this problem, it always works great.