Yep we sold the farm, we’re off the rock. Bye-bye Vancouver Island, bye-bye B.C. Ferries, bye-bye Christy Clark we’re out of here!

Don’t get me wrong living and fishing on Vancouver Island is truly great after all it is Canada’s California but we have four grand kids now and one more on the way and that trumps it all. So for the fourth time in my life I’m Alberta bound. Off to the flat lands where you can wave to your neighbour two miles away and guess the wind speed by counting Tumbleweeds per hour.

More central location…

We need easier access to the game fish species so popular to the country like Musky, Pike, Walleye, Bass, Pan fish and Trout. Living in Alberta will put us closer to these fish without paying B.C. Ferries $200.00 a ride.

Anyone interested in sponsoring our show should contact us now.
We are looking for filming locations, guide services, events and lodges where we can highlight your service at no cost to you other than amenities. The main sponsor, the Electron Fish Attractor is capable of funding the project in its entirety.

We urge all interested to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we are filming, we will be posting daily where internet conditions allow.

Tight Lines
Rick Crozier