Cold Front Insurance?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Days before your vacation or derby you hear about the approach of a dreaded cold front. Your stomach drops at the thoughts of battling big waves and strong winds in the pelting rain. But worst of all, these cold fronts usually bring tough fishing conditions.

Lake Diefenbaker, Northern Pike

Fish seam to disappear when the barometer dives. With enough perseverance sometimes you can find them. They’re usually deeper on or near sand, inactive and not feeding. A slow moving jig or spoon jigged on or near the bottom may reveal a fish or two but true to form fishing is tough.

You need cold front fishing insurance. It’s cheap, reliable and will save the day. It won’t stop the rain or wind but it will catch fish when you find them. It’s called the Electron Fish Attractor. Walleye and Pike can’t resist it. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Tips on finding the fish after the storm.

Even the biggest and baddest Pike and Walleye like to hide when the weather goes bad. They will be deeper than they were a few days ago and usually over a sandy area.

I’ve seen evidence of fish attracted to these sandy areas due to the high electro-magnetic field (EMF) the sand emits. Here they can hide their own electrical field resting virtually electo-receptively invisible.

As well as Walleye and Pike, Whitefish, Pan fish, Lake, Brook, Rainbow and Brown Trout all exhibit the same pattern. This high EMF is called the ambient EMF or the Casimir Effect. These areas generate an EMF generated by the quartz and iron contained in the sand and rock. The higher the amount of quartz and iron the greater the EMF.

When fish enter these areas their electrical field is dominated by the ambient EMF and they virtually disappear. The Electron Fish Attractor presented into this environment generates a higher electrical field than the Casimir effect consequently creating interest and a strike.

Have fun on the water

Musky Addict in his 70's trying to break his record!

 An excited Tony Jaros from St. Clair Shores MI. US who just had to call us a give us his personal report today. He said that the big Muskies have move to the shallows of Lake St. Clair and he's having the time of his life trolling with our Electron Fish Attractor Fresh Water 2 HTDS on a Ziggie Lure. We had quite a conversation during which he was describing how much the Musky loved the rod with the attractor over the rod without. He didn't give us any numbers but was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Tony who is known as "Big Fish Tony" mostly fishes by himself but he will try to get us pictures of his catch even thou that can  be hard when he releases them.

Tony who is in his 70's is the current record holder for Lake St. Clair Musky and now feels that he has a great chance to top that one as he says "Those Muskies love it"  I found an interesting news article on him from 2009 Record muskie caught on Lake St. Clair

We love hearing these stories so keep them coming! 

Rick Crozier